Life in São Paulo

Ricardo's Brooklin
  • Neighborhood
Ricardo Marques, Admissions

Brooklin is one of those districts in Sao Paulo that most sums up what the city is about: culturally diverse, dynamic and cozy in many ways. The name resembles New York City’s famous borough and this is not by chance - the name was chosen as a form of homage to New York’s Brooklyn! 

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Yoga with Tatiana
  • Sports & Hobbies
Tatiana Oliveira, Portuguese Teacher

There are several places to practice different types of yoga in SP; in every neighborhood you will find a studio, and some yoga schools also promote outdoor sessions around the squares and public parks of the city during the weekends.

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Aline's Pinheiros
  • Neighborhood
Aline Siqueira, Primary Division Associate

Whether you are a huge fan of the night and its dynamic - nightclubs, restaurants, concerts, movies, and plays - or if you're a morning person who likes to start off at the gym or park, Pinheiros is the neighborhood for you.

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Aaron on Life with Children in São Paulo
  • Family Life
Aaron Van Borek, Instructional Coach

Talk to any foreign-hire family living in Sao Paulo, and I'm sure they'd tell you, "Brazil is a great place for raising kids." Why? Well, to start off, Brazilian culture is one that adores, values, and celebrates children, and Brazilians will communicate that to you and your child(ren) in many warm ways, including beijinhos (little kisses), hugs, and uninhibited conversations.

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Marcela's Bela Vista
  • Neighborhood
Marcela Silva, Primary Division Head Teacher

Bela Vista is a district located in the central region of São Paulo. It comprises two (very) different neighborhoods: Morro dos Ingleses and Bixiga. While the first is an upper-class area, close to Paulista Avenue and all its bustling nightlife, the second is a very diverse place, with residents from different backgrounds and the best traditional Italian restaurants in the city.

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