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The Avenues São Paulo Leadership Team Welcomes You

From left to right: Lisa Lund Peixoto, director of admissions; Hamilton Clark, head of school; Cristine Conforti, head of Brazilian program; Alan Greenberg, co-founder; Anne Baldisseri, head of Primary Division; Juliana Salles, director of People & Culture; John Ciallelo, head of Secondary Division and Luciana D'Angelo, director of operations and administration.

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Building Avenues São Paulo

How do you build a New School of Thought? At each stage of Avenues São Paulo's construction, thousands of photo sequences were taken for an incredible time-lapse story. Watch our video to see the retrofit of the original building and the addition of a new wing which houses a theater, gym, and central atrium.

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Classrooms and Hallways

Each time we visit the Avenues São Paulo construction site, we see remarkable new developments. In the past few months, spaces have started to take shape. Now, we can see real classrooms and hallways. It is exciting to see how our architecture and design teams truly created spaces that reflect our core principles of innovation, sustainability and student-centered pedagogy.

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New Interior Views

Have an inside look at the Avenues São Paulo campus, a 40,000-square-meter, state-of-the-art educational facility. The award-winning São Paulo architecture and interior design firms, Aflalo/Gasperini, Dante Della Manna and EKF Arquitetura de Exteriores, worked closely with Avenues designers, to build a campus that reflects Avenues’ core principles of innovation, sustainability, and student-centered pedagogy.

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Campus Time Lapse

Construction continues to progress nicely at our beautiful Cidade Jardim campus which will soon be both a home for our community and a city landmark that São Paulo can be proud of. Our time-lapse video allows you to see Avenues São Paulo come to life.

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Construction Update - December

Construction continues to progress nicely at our beautiful Cidade Jardim campus which will soon be both a home for our community and a city landmark that São Paulo can be proud of.

Recently, we conducted a tour of the new campus for our current Avenues São Paulo team, as well as our new faculty and staff members. All who attended were amazed at how quickly the construction has progressed, at how large and spacious the school will be, and how well designed the campus is for all of our needs. 

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Construction Update - November

Work continues at a rapid pace on our campus in Cidade Jardim. It is thrilling to see the progress as our campus takes shape. Just this past week, windows and raised flooring began to be installed. In the coming weeks, we will be providing you with greater insight and visibility into construction progress and the amazing learning spaces being built...stay tuned! The completed building will be truly spectacular and we are eager to welcome our families to it for the first time.

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Construction Update - October

Construction of our beautiful campus continues to gather momentum towards our 2018–19 school year opening. September was another good month with significant progress being made on this front. The structure of the new expansion to the existing building has progressed ahead of schedule with completion of the structure now anticipated by the end of October. Among other elements, this magnificent extension will house a gymnasium and theater.

The renovation of the existing building is now at the stage where the actual classroom walls and ceilings are beginning to take shape. In addition, the state-of-the-art mechanical, electrical and plumbing work has begun.

I am also happy to announce that the installation of our new modern façade commenced in early October with the installation of the first external panels. The panels are being manufactured locally and we expect the new façade to quickly take shape.

Manpower on site continues to increase with a whole range of new activities starting throughout the building. Installation of the new roof covering will also begin in October. Further, the three levels of the basement are being completed, after which they will house much of the heavy equipment for our mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

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Construction Update - August

Construction of our beautiful campus remains on track for the 2018-19 school year opening. Our construction team has been hard at work at our site and momentum is building as four of our most important construction milestones near completion. 

The first includes the demolition of the interior and completion of some structural alterations to the existing building. This puts us in a position to commence the installation of the necessary mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) infrastructure that befits a modern school. The second is the removal of the original façade from the existing building and the award of the contract for constructing the new façade. This will enable us to construct a new modern façade that will distinguish our campus as a beautiful addition to the São Paulo skyline. The third is the completion of the foundations and basement for the new building, which will allow the construction of the new superstructure. This new building will be joined seamlessly with the original structure. The fourth milestone is the award of the MEP contract to one of Sao Paulo’s leading subcontractors. 

With these structural alterations and foundation work now largely complete, we look forward to making continued progress on the new indoor and outdoor gymnasiums, performance theatre, grand outdoor patio and seeing our classrooms starting to take shape.

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