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Greetings from the People & Culture Team

As a new school of thought, Avenues embodies growth and change. When you decided to join Avenues, you were probably looking for a change, a new challenge. When we invited you to join us, it was not only for your talent but also for your ability to effect change: to build on your skills, interests, and experience, and to open up to new ways of teaching and learning. This is truly our invitation--to bring about change.

The sole purpose of Avenues’ People & Culture team is to support you as you grow. We see your time at Avenues as a journey, starting from your first interviews, through your onboarding to the school community and with each new exciting step in your career -- your professional development as an educator.

In everything we do, we strive to reinforce Avenues’ mission, culture, and vision. We want you to feel our core values of “welcome, safety and respect” in the way we communicate and provide support. We hope you perceive our valued behaviors in all our efforts and embrace them for yourself as well. Because of our global mission, culture and vision, we will help any member of one Avenues campus to arrive at another Avenues campus and feel at home.

We look forward to your partnership, as it is essential for a successful and fulfilling career at Avenues. Exchange is important to us -- please share your insights, ideas and suggestions. We believe it is through our collaboration that we will achieve excellence as a community of teachers and learners.

Count on us for this journey!

Juliana and Julia

Important Resources


Local Guide for Sao Paulo Faculty & Staff

This guide is helpful to Avenues faculty and staff who are already local to São Paulo. You will find information that will support your onboarding as an employee.


Expat Guide for Faculty & Staff that are new to Sao Paulo

Avenues faculty and staff who are relocating to São Paulo from overseas will find this guide highly useful. It contains important information on all things related to daily life -- from where to buy furniture to operating hours at banks.


The Count On Me program, or COM is a network of support for Avenues faculty and staff who are new to São Paulo. Avenues volunteers local to São Paulo will support a new colleague's transition to the city from the moment they arrive through the full 100 days of onboarding.




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