Avenues at AASSA 2018

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Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

The Association of American Schools in South America Conference attracts international educators from Argentina to Mexico. Avenues São Paulo has been especially excited to join a network of outstanding schools in South America and to join the educational landscape in Brazil.

This year’s conference was hosted at the American School of Quito, in Ecuador. AASSA executive director, Paul Poore introduced the conference theme: “The Power of Yet” as inspired by American psychologist, Carol Dweck. Keynote speakers Sara Wilke and Lee Crockett spoke on the constancy of change, and mindfulness.

Avenues São Paulo was proud to have our head of Brazilian Program, Cristine Conforti, and head for the Primary Division, Daniela Pannuti in attendance. While engaging and connecting with schools and teachers from all over, they also led workshops on “Promoting Reading and Writing” and “Growth Mindset: Lessons from Nature.”

Photo of Daniela, Paul and Cristine

From left to right: Daniela Pannutti, associate head for the Primary Division; AASSA Paul Poore, Executive Director; Cristine Conforti, head of Brazilian program.

Photo of opening presentation

Paul Poore opens ASSA by introducing its theme "The Power of Yet"

Lee Crockett

Keynote speaker Lee Crockett speaks on the importance of mindfulness in education.

Sara Wilkie Presentation

Keynote speaker Sara Wilkie presented for TEDx on the "Constant of Change"

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