The First, First Week at Avenues São Paulo

The First, First Week at Avenues São Paulo
Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

Starting a new school is a life-changing experience. We created this short video to document the joy and exuberance of the first, first week at Avenues São Paulo!



Mastery Across Campuses
Ryan Sawtell, Mastery Program Coordinator

The Mastery program at Avenues: The World School is a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate expertise by feeding curiosity, expanding knowledge, and developing authentic skill in their area of interest. Mr. Sawtell, who coordinates the program, wrote about the experience of four Avenues São Paulo students who explored Mastery projects at Avenues New York.


Meet Aaron Van Borek
Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

Aaron Van Borek will join Avenues São Paulo in August as an instructional coach for the Primary Division. In this role, he will inspire and empower teachers with professional development to improve student learning. Aaron is known for his deep understanding of curriculum design, project­-based learning, assessment development, as well as skillful facilitation of collaborative teamwork among teachers. ​​​​​​