4th Grade's World of Shadows

4th Grade's World of Shadows
Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

“I discovered my students were interested in shadows,” Ms. Moura, who teaches visual arts in the Primary Division, encouraged her students to explore interesting materials and the properties of light, while deepening their understanding of perception and imagination.



Discovery to Destiny: The Museum of Tomorrow and Future Literacy at Avenues São Paulo
Andrew Williams, Director of Teaching and Learning

At Avenues our reason for existing is “to educate world-wise leaders uniquely equipped to understand and solve global-scale problems.” It follows, then, that our students must be future literate–that is, equipped with the capability to navigate an increasingly complex, interconnected, and uncertain world and, in so doing, inspired to forge adaptable global paths toward sustainable, regenerative futures.


Meet Sylvia Guimarães
Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

Sylvia Guimarães has joined Avenues São Paulo as director of community engagement.