Meet Tiffany Walters

Meet Tiffany Walters
Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

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Tiffany Walters

Tiffany Walters will be associate head for the Primary Division at Avenues São Paulo. She joins us from Shanghai Community International School (SCIS), where she has worked as a lower school teacher since 2012.

At Shanghai Community International School, Tiffany was the grade-level leader for grades 3 and 4. In this role, she designed inquiry-based units aligned to schoolwide curriculum, facilitated professional development sessions for literacy instruction, served on various committees to adopt new curriculum, and directed a comprehensive extracurricular program.

Tiffany is known for her ability and drive to maintain a positive, safe, and productive learning environment. She believes deeply that helping others achieve their personal best is done through building positive, personal relationships.

Prior to her time at SCIS, Tiffany was 3rd grade team leader at Meyer Elementary School in Tempe, Arizona. While teaching and leading 3rd grade, she also developed and implemented a plan for schoolwide literacy instruction.

Tiffany started her career as a 6th grade teacher in the Florence Unified School District in Florence, Arizona. During this time, she taught mathematics, implemented standards-based curriculum, coached volleyball and served as a teacher representative at the Parent-Teacher Association.

Throughout her career, Tiffany has taken leadership in school-wide initiatives, serving on a range of academic committees and groups aimed at organizational alignment, curriculum implementation and professional development.

Tiffany sees learning as a lifelong journey. She continues to be committed to reviewing and updating best practices in literacy instruction, positive discipline, classroom management, inquiry based learning, technology integration, and effective uses of data. Most recently, Tiffany has participated in International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP) conferences, as well as training through Columbia University’s Reading and Writing Project.

Tiffany earned her bachelor’s degree in Education at Pennsylvania State University. At State University of New York College at Buffalo, she completed her Master of Science in Teaching. Tiffany also has a Professional Administrator’s Certificate from the Principal’s Training Center.

In her free time, Tiffany enjoys planning and taking trips all over the world to taste different foods! She is an avid photographer, often taking photos of all the delicious new foods that she samples! Tiffany loves to spend time with her friends, take cooking classes, and write.

She is very excited to join the dynamic team and caring families at Avenues São Paulo!




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