Meet Rui Zanchetta

Meet Rui Zanchetta
Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

Cristine Conforti is the Head of Brazilian Program at Avenues São Paulo

Rui Zanchetta

Rui Zanchetta will join Avenues São Paulo as Co.Lab coordinator for the Secondary Division. In this role, he will use Co.Lab technology and design thinking to leverage learning across the Secondary Division. Rui will also teach design and engineering to 6th grade students, as well as creative computation in 6th through 8th grade.

Rui is the founder of Casa de Makers. Founded in 2015, Casa de Makers is a learning environment for young people that encourages hands-on experimentation and cross-pollination between science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM). Guided by MIT's Creative Learning Model, Casa de Makers emphasizes relevant and meaningful project-based learning.

While heading Casa de Makers, Rui has implemented maker spaces in São Paulo's leading schools. At Colégio Santa Cruz, Maple Bear School and Colégio Notre Dame, he developed maker curriculums, built out maker space facilities on the campus and hosted community maker events. Rui also provided professional learning to faculty in project-based learning, prototyping, Scratch, Arduino, and robotics.

Rui has worked at Stance Dual School since 2008 in various roles. As the mathematics teacher, Rui integrated technology and prototyping into the curriculum. In his STEAM curriculum, Rui's students used lab tools and design thinking to find solutions to real-world problems. He also led the Fun Science project, which encouraged curiosity and wonder in the science that surrounds us.

Over the years, Rui has pursued highly relevant professional learning. He has completed coursework in maker, math, physics and coding education through Universidade de São Paulo (USP), and through MIT and Fundação Lemann learning networks. Rui also has a degree in physics from USP.

In his free time, Rui enjoys spending time with his wife Paula, daughter Isis, aged five and son Pier, three months. His idea of fun is creating gadgets with his family. "I believe it is important that my children understand technology as something that facilitates day-to-day living and problem-solving. I encourage Isis to tinker with the 3D printer so she can make her own doll houses”. Rui is a black belt in jiu-jitsu and still trains from time to time. He also enjoys slacklining at the park.



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Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

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Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

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