Learning and Technology

Learning and Technology
Lia Muschellack, Director of Technology

Avenues: The World School’s mission starts with: “we will graduate students accomplished in the academic skills one would expect.”  When considering a 21st-century education, among the expected academic skills are digital and media literacy. An accomplished student must be able to use a range of tools and resources, or technology, to develop their literacy, deepen their knowledge and broaden their horizons. It is technology that will enable students to discover the world around them, develop higher-order thinking and access experiences.

In our highly connected learning community, students are encouraged to explore their interests. They start with their own questions, and through inquiry and research, they uncover new information; critical thinking is then developed as they examine, analyze and compare the  information from a range of sources; their creativity is sharpened through collaboration, as they find new ways to contribute to the whole while remaining true to themselves; finally, after choosing the most effective way to communicate, their new knowledge is shared.

By attending a World School, Avenues students will have the opportunity to attend one school with many campuses. Each campus is connected by a common vision, shared curriculum and the collective Avenues experience. Although geographically distant, campuses will constantly be connected through technology. Students will be able to broaden their concept of collaboration and discourse as they connect with new communities across the globe.

Each stage of Avenues São Paulo’s technology implementation was meticulously planned. Campus architects designed a robust and flexible infrastructure to support state-of-the-art digital resources. All learning spaces, ranging from the reading areas, open environments, classrooms and labs will be equipped with computers and displays All faculty and students will receive developmentally-appropriate devices for teaching and learning.

Technology increases its scope through the network of people - teachers and students - who power it. Avenues has designed a digital curriculum aligned and in step with the academic curriculum. Students are introduced at an early age to elements of programming, and gradually become fluent in it as a third language. By learning the language of logic through programming, students come to understand how tools work, how they are operated and how to use them to their full potential. The pedagogy of technology can be extended to other academic areas as students opt for tools that enable them to process information, create content, experiment with methodologies and share their findings. All digital processes are thoroughly safeguarded to ensure digital privacy and security.

Our mission also states Avenues will graduate students “at ease beyond their borders.” We believe an education powered by technology is essential to achieving that ease. The education of 21st century students must use technology transcend the bounds of academic literacy, as it is the strongest possible response to a future that we cannot yet imagine, but for which we can prepare.  



A Day in Nursery and Pre-K
Daniela Pannuti, Associate Division Head

The educational philosophy of the early childhood years at Avenues is based on an underlying respect for the individual child. With this in mind, we provide an environment rich in opportunities for each child to grow in their understanding of language and how to work and play with others.


Meet Sylvia Guimarães
Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

Sylvia Guimarães has joined Avenues São Paulo as director of community engagement. Sylvia has extensive experience in education outreach, non-profit management, and social justice initiatives, especially in regards to literacy.