Kindergarten Takes Care of the Second Floor Commons

Kindergarten Takes Care of the Second Floor Commons
Avenues São Paulo Kindergarten Team

Kindergartners at Avenues love spending recess on the second floor commons!

This year, we have worked hard on our organizational skills and have learned to care not only for the second floor commons but also other shared spaces around the school. Every time kindergarteners leave a common area, they make sure it is tidy and ready to be used by others.

However, kindergartners eventually noticed while they were leaving the commons organized, they would find it messy when they returned. Over the past few weeks, they worked on pictures, drawings and signs and distributed them across the second floor so that everyone would know how the commons is supposed to look.

They also made a video to engage the rest of the community into caring for our school. We are happy to share the final result with you!




Global Journeys to Foz do Iguaçu
Anne Baldisseri, Head of Primary Division

5th grade students at Avenues extended their study of resources by visiting the incredible Iguaçu region. They talked to experts and explored parks, businesses, mines, and farms driven by sustainability. A highlight of the trip was a very wet and exhilarating boat ride under the falls!


Meet Sylvia Guimarães
Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

Sylvia Guimarães has joined Avenues São Paulo as director of community engagement.