Problem-solving in HIP Math

Problem-solving in HIP Math
Wagner Veillard, HIP Math Teacher

"We learned we don't only do Math in HIP Math."
Julia L. and Beatriz P.

This semester, all Secondary Division students at Avenues were exposed to a framework for problem-solving in their High-Intensity Practice (HIP) Thinking classes.

HIP Thinking is a course unique to the Avenues curriculum. It focuses on giving students the opportunity to develop knowledge, skills, awareness, and attitudes in seven very specific areas: empathy, creativity, critical thinking, mental agility, planning, abstraction, and metacognition.

In order to put theoretical knowledge into practice, all students from grades 6 through 7 worked on a mini-project for three weeks. Their task was to solve a real problem of their choice by going through all the stages of the framework: orientation, ideation, performance, and reflection. They had to collaborate in pairs or trios, collect data from different people in the Avenues community, and do additional research on the internet.

Many students chose to solve school-related issues (such as lunch lines or bullying), while others selected personal topics (unrequited love or having trouble getting up early) or global problems (animal cruelty or the use of Earth's natural resources). They then prepared presentations to better organize their ideas and connect their classroom work to specific Avenues World Elements. On Thursday, May 16, students took turns on the 5th-floor commons to present on how far they had come, and collect feedback from other students, faculty and staff before moving forward to improve their own lives, as well as the lives of others, inside and beyond classroom walls.




66 Students Play in Athletics Friendship Festival
Marcello Mauriz, Athletic Director

Last week, 66 Avenues student-athletes in soccer, volleyball, futsal, and basketball teams participated in a truly international Friendship Festival. Playing against nine international schools from Brazil and Paraguay, our athletes had a fantastic time building their new teams through friendly competition.


Meet Sylvia Guimarães
Avenues São Paulo Creative Team

Sylvia Guimarães has joined Avenues São Paulo as director of community engagement.