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2nd Grade Sleeps Over!

2nd Grade Sleeps Over!
By Lorraine Brotero, 2nd Grade Teacher

We often wonder how people can remember so many details from their past. We can recall colors, scents, places, and faces–some moments of our lives are simply unforgettable.

This past Friday, our 2nd grade students from Forests, Savannas, and Mangroves got together for a sleepover at school. We had had such fun running through dark corridors with flashlights, searching for hidden teachers during the Rainbow Color game. We loved eating popcorn and watching Madagascar in our huge theater. Best of all was heading to cozy classrooms filled with colorful blankets and pillows, big and small teddy bears, tents and the sound of soft music as we fell slowly asleep and dove into sweet dreams.

It was an unforgettable time, which will hopefully hold a special place in our hearts and minds as we grew closer together as a special community in our new school.




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