The First, First Week at Avenues São Paulo

Starting a new school is a life-changing experience. We created this short video to document the joy and exuberance of the first, first week at Avenues São Paulo!

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Avenues São Paulo is a 15-grade independent school in São Paulo with global vision. Visit our website.

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The Avenues São Paulo campus is a 40,000-square-meter, state-of-the-art educational facility. 

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Meet our leadership team, learn more about Avenues’ academic and student life programs, and see our campus.


A Day in Nursery and Pre-K

The educational philosophy of the early childhood years at Avenues is based on an underlying respect for the individual child. With this in mind, we provide an environment rich in opportunities for each child to grow in their understanding of language and how to work and play with others.

Mastery Across Campuses

The Mastery program at Avenues: The World School is a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate expertise by feeding curiosity, expanding knowledge, and developing authentic skill in their area of interest. Mr. Sawtell, who coordinates the program, wrote about the experience of four Avenues São Paulo students who explored Mastery projects at Avenues New York.

Avenues Faculty Embarks

Before welcoming students, 150 talented and inspired Avenues São Paulo educators immersed themselves in a transformative professional learning program—Embark 1.2. See the spark that was created as they came together to build a New School of Thought.

Os Primeiros Design | Final Design Challenge

At Avenues, students are challenged to solve real-life problems through design thinking. This year, 10th grade students developed sustainable solutions to make Avenues São Paulo a zero-waste campus. Watch our video to see high-impact learning in action

Cognition, Language Immersion and Literacy

At Avenues, all children learn a second language through immersion. In this article, Cristine Conforti, head of the Brazilian Program and Anne Baldisseri, head of Primary Division, explain how language immersion for young children can drive remarkable cognitive leaps in literacy.


Building Avenues São Paulo

How do you build a New School of Thought? At each stage of Avenues São Paulo's construction, thousands of photo sequences were taken for an incredible time-lapse story. Watch our video to see the retrofit of the original building and the addition of a new wing which houses a theater, gym, and central atrium.

Campus Construction: A New Time Lapse

The construction of the Avenues São Paulo campus has been a remarkable endeavor. In this second edition of our time lapse video project, you can see exciting developments from January 2018 through April 2018.

Classrooms and Hallways

Each time we visit the Avenues São Paulo construction site, we see remarkable new developments. In the past few months, spaces have started to take shape. Now, we can see real classrooms and hallways. It is exciting to see how our architecture and design teams truly created spaces that reflect our core principles of innovation, sustainability and student-centered pedagogy.

New Interior Views

Have an inside look at the Avenues São Paulo campus, a 40,000-square-meter, state-of-the-art educational facility. The award-winning São Paulo architecture and interior design firms, Aflalo/Gasperini, Dante Della Manna and EKF Arquitetura de Exteriores, worked closely with Avenues designers, to build a campus that reflects Avenues’ core principles of innovation, sustainability, and student-centered pedagogy.

Campus Time Lapse

Construction continues to progress nicely at our beautiful Cidade Jardim campus which will soon be both a home for our community and a city landmark that São Paulo can be proud of. Our time-lapse video allows you to see Avenues São Paulo come to life.


Meet Sylvia Guimarães

Sylvia Guimarães has joined Avenues São Paulo as director of community engagement. Sylvia has extensive experience in education outreach, non-profit management, and social justice initiatives, especially in regards to literacy.

Meet Ryan Sawtell

Ryan Sawtell joins Avenues São Paulo as a lead World Course educator for Os Primeiros. In August he will join the full faculty to teach Mastery in the Secondary Division. Most recently, Ryan worked at Harlem Village Academies High, where he taught teaching Theory of Knowledge, Spanish, and European Art and Architecture. In this role he collaborated across academic departments to develop learner-centered curricula that link content knowledge and skills with relevant local and global issues.  

Meet Daniela Pannuti

Daniela Pannuti has joined Avenues São Paulo as an associate division head for the Primary Division. Daniela is an attentive and experienced early childhood professional committed to providing comprehensive and constructive support to students and faculty alike. She is also committed to research, continually pursuing questions and reexamining practices in teaching. Most of all, Daniela is passionate about facilitating the wonder of discovery in children.

Meet Abe Correa

Joining us from San Diego California, Abe Correa will be an associate head for the Secondary Division. Abe will be coming to Avenues with extensive experience in school leadership, and a passion for community empowerment and impact through education.

Meet Tiffany Walters

Tiffany Walters will be associate head for the Primary Division at Avenues São Paulo. She joins us from Shanghai Community International School (SCIS), where she has worked as a lower school teacher since 2012. 

Tiffany is known for her ability and drive to maintain a positive, safe, and productive learning environment. She believes deeply that helping others achieve their personal best is done through building positive, personal relationships.