Technology - Responsible Use Policy

Avenues: The World School believes technology is an important tool for students, teachers and parents. The primary use of the equipment by the student is for the student’s educational programs. As a user of technology, I understand it is my responsibility to honor the Responsible Use Policy and live by the Avenues values online, offline, at school and at home. I understand that my actions can affect others. I will be responsible for my behavior. Violating the RUP will be result in disciplinary actions which may include suspension of privileges, suspension, or expulsion. Violations of the RUP which are also violations of law, may be referred to appropriate local, state or federal law enforcement officials for prosecution.

Avenues students “welcome" all learning opportunities; therefore, I will

  • use what I know to create new ideas, products or processes.
  • judge which online information is true and false.
  • ask questions and seek help when using school technology.
  • have a positive attitude and be willing to explore different or new technologies.

Avenues students value “safety;” therefore, I will

  • be aware of the privacy settings on any website I visit.
  • understand that anything I do online or electronically is not private and can be seen.
  • keep personal information about myself, my family, my friends or Avenues faculty or staff to myself.
  • create a strong password and keep it to myself.
  • represent myself honestly.
  • ask for help if I feel unsafe or bullied or if I witness unkind behavior.
  • communicate only with people I know; or, on specific situations, under Avenues' teachers supervision.
  • follow safety guidelines posted by sites to which I subscribe.
  • back up my data from my laptop.

Avenues students value “respect;” therefore, I will

  • use school-issued equipment for instructional and school-related activities.
  • only use earbuds when given permission by an Avenues faculty member.
  • respond thoughtfully to the opinions, ideas and values of others.
  • take good care of all school­-issued equipment by always keeping equipment in school-issued case, free of stickers and writing.
  • report misuse and/or inappropriate content to my teachers or other adults.
  • report lost or stolen equipment to my teachers and security and technology department.
  • use language that is relevant and appropriate when submitting academic work, participating in online spaces and working collaboratively.
  • use thoughtful and appropriate language and images for social postings.
  • be mindful of how my words are interpreted by others.

I understand that my actions can affect others and that I will be accountable for my behavior. I will not participate in activities that are in violation of the RUP, therefore,

I will NOT

  • share passwords with anyone, except my parents.
  • take part in behavior that puts me or others at risk.
  • upload or post personal information, private communications or photos of other people without permission.
  • send or share mean, bullying or inappropriate emails or texts.
  • send or share inappropriate photos, videos or images.