Style Guide

All clothing and accessories must conform to dress code guidelines, including: - Clothing may not be overly tight fitting, short or revealing. - No patterns or stripes are allowed on any shirts, pants, skirts, jumpers, shorts, sweaters or other tops. - Monograms, and logos other than Avenues’, are not permitted on any clothing. Sequins are not appropriate on any article of clothing. - All Avenues logoed apparel is permitted. It is available only from the Avenues page at Lands’ End, in the athletic office or through Avenues’ GOODS.

Apparel ColorComments
ShirtsSolid colored white, gray or black

– Solid colored white, gray or black shirt or blouse. Appropriate styles: collared, button-down, turtleneck, polo or loose-fitting t-shirt. No color at all, including cream, beige, silver. No sheer, see-through or off-the-shoulder tops; no revealing necklines, holes or tears. No bare midriffs.
– No logo, or only with Avenues logo

– Sleeveless summer blouses allowed. Shoulder straps must be at least five cm (two inches); no spaghetti straps. No tank tops.

Sweaters, vestsWhite, gray or blackAny solid color (black, gray or white) without a logo; Avenues vest, jacket, sweater, pullover or sweatshir

Pants, skirtsSolid-colored gray or black

– Available from any source, as long as they are black or gray
– Skirts must be plain or pleated and may not be shorter than five cm (two inches) above the knee; no stripes or patterns; no lace or tight knit
– No sweatpants or athletic pants; yoga pants

Jumpers, dressesSolid-colored gray or black

– Dresses must be solid black or gray and no shorter than five cm (two inches) above the knee. Tank tops and spaghetti straps are not allowed.

ShortsSolid-colored gray or black

– Non-athletic black or gray shorts; must be mid-thigh length or longer
– No athletic shorts except in physical education classes

Accessories (Belts, ties, shoes, socks, tights, hairbands, scarves, etc.)

Any– No open-heeled shoes (including sandals and flip-flops) or high heels/ wedges
– Flat-heeled boots and shoes only; no boots or shoes with heels or wedges

– No sneakers with heels/wedges, lights, wheels or extraneous graphics such as spikes, glitter or studs
– No fishnet or lace tights

Outerwear, handbags backpacks

Any– Hats and coats are to be removed indoors.
– Handbags are to be left in lockers during the day.

Physical EducationShort-sleeve white t-shirt
Black gym shorts or yoga pants