For all absences, please contact Cristina Oliveira at:
+55 11 2838 1802


  1. Parents must inform the school of all absences ahead of time in order for students to be excused.
  2. Attendance in Os Primeiros is critical and only medical absences and family emergencies are considered excused absences.
  3. Students are expected to make up any work that is missed on their own time when they are absent from school. The faculty will work with any student who is absent for a long period of time due to extreme circumstances to make a reasonable plan for completing work.

Late Arrivals

  1. Students are expected to arrive before school starts at 8h00.
    1. Parents of students who are arriving to school late (after 8h00) should contact Ms. Oliveira.
    2. Beginning at 8h30, Ms. Oliveira will contact the families of all students who have not yet arrived to school.