Os Primeiros students will...

  • Treat faculty, peers, and guests with respect.
  • Use appropriate language and behavior at all school events.
  • Abide by all rules and norms, including a zero-tolerance policy regarding drugs and alcohol on Avenues/Civi-Co grounds, trips, and at Avenues events.
  • Speak to and about each other with respect and kindness.
  • Recognize that social media is also a place where respect and kindness is expected and required.
  • Be inclusive, not exclusive.

Style Guide

  • Dress according to the Avenues style guide for all classes and school-related activities.
  • Represent themselves and our school well in public by wearing appropriate clothing and presenting themselves professionally.

Social Media and Cell Phone Policy

  • Not use cell phones for any purpose during school hours unless instructed to do so by a teacher.
  • Not use social media during school hours.


  • Be on time to school each day. School begins at 8:00am so you should plan to arrive before that time.
  • Be present, on time, and prepared for all activities.

Work Environment

  • Recognize that Civi-Co is a co-working space with other professionals and behave appropriately for a professional work environment. We have to keep our noise down and never disrupt other professionals sharing our space.
  • Remain on the 2nd floor at Civi-Co during class time and break times unless otherwise instructed.
  • Be accountable to yourself, your classmates, your instructors, and your parents.
  • Welcome and respect our hosts when we are visiting, giving them your full attention.
  • Work with faculty and peers to create a productive workspace for yourself.
  • Work with faculty and peers to create a productive workspace for others.