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Melissa Kubin
Melissa Kubin

Melissa Kubin returns to Avenues in fall of 2018 as associate head of the 1st grade. She has worked with Lower Division students since first joining Avenues in 2012, previously serving as head teacher in an English section of 1st grade, as head of 1st grade and as an associate division head in the Lower Division. 

Before joining Avenues, Melissa worked as a lower school teacher in the New York City public school system for five years, most recently at P.S. 19. In addition to teaching 3rd grade, she also taught the kindergarten ASD/Nest program, where she worked with higher function children with autism spectrum disorders. Prior to this she taught second grade at P.S. 40, instructing guided reading groups, and helped develop a nonfiction unit where reading and writing are taught simultaneously to develop literacy skills.

Melissa has participated in a number of professional development workshops, including the ASD/Nest workshop series, where she held a workshop to share her experience in this area and explained how that knowledge can be incorporated into the classroom.

Melissa graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in political science. She then received an M.A. in elementary/childhood education grades 1 through 6 from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Melissa is a dedicated student of yoga and enjoys spending her free time reading and travelling.

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