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Jannine Robinson

In fall 2017, Jannine Robinson returns to Avenues as an associate teacher in the English section of nursery. In the immersion grades – nursery through grade 5 – children spend alternate days in a class conducted in English and in a class conducted in either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese.

Before joining us full-time in February of 2016, Jannine worked at Avenues as a substitute teacher in the Early Learning Center. Previously she had experience in early education at several other schools, including The Dalton School, The Bank School, The Village Community School and The British International School NY.

Prior to transitioning to early learning, Jannine had extensive experience in teaching middle and high school. She spent eight years at St. Peter’s School in Cambridge, England, where she served as their acting assistant head of department and teacher of English. While at St. Peter’s, Jannine coordinated and designed the English literacy curriculum for grades 6 through 8 and was recognized as an outstanding teacher by OFSTED, the United Kingdom’s Office for Standards in Education. Jannine was also involved in promoting the students’ community engagement, by coordinating the school’s Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Jannine has a B.A. (Honors) in English literature from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge and a Post-graduate Certificate of Education in English from DeMontfort University in Bedford, England.

Jannine enjoys reading, hiking and amateur photography. She has volunteered with the Liberty Humane Society in New Jersey and – together with her husband- loves spending time with Mimosa, her rescue cat, and Sophie her rescue dog.

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