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Elizabeth Boyd, Kindergarten Teacher

The Puma and Jaguar kindergarten students know all about growing! Not only are they growing as readers, writers, mathematicians, community members and friends, they are also growing their very own seeds. Recently, they planted lima bean and pinto bean seeds in the Outdoor Classroom.

After students planted seeds in Ziploc bags, we taped the bags to our windows.

That way we can watch the roots and the plant grow over the next few weeks.

Drawing in seed journals

Before planting the beans, we took a close look at the seeds. What do you notice? What do you wonder? What do you think will happen if we give them water and sunlight? What do you think the plant will look like?

Drawing in seed journals
Drawing in seed journals

Students created a scientific drawing of the seed, making sure to capture its colors, shape and any specific details they noticed. After drawing the seed, they made a prediction of what the plant would look like in a few weeks.

Now that the plants are taped to the windows we spend time each day checking in on the plants. During the first few days nothing changed, but now the plants are slowly beginning to grow and change. We ask each other, what has changed? What do you think we’ll see when we come back together tomorrow or next week? The kindergarteners are drawing their plants daily in their seed journals to record it all.

Drawing in seed journals
Drawing in seed journals
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