Totally 80s Chorus Concert

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Neil Ginsberg, Upper Division Vocal Music Teacher

Once, there was a time when phones weren't smart, "Google" wasn't a verb and chatting involved using your mouth and ears, not your thumbs. That time was the 1980s! 

This winter, the 7th and 8th graders of Avenues presented their "Totally 80s" chorus concert. These 21st-century students explored the history, fashion and culture of the late 20th century through the lens of 1980s music. They learned about the Cold War in the context of the song “99 Red Balloons,” originally performed by the German band Nena in 1983. The Grammy-award-winning song “We Are the World” provided aid for famine relief in Africa and demonstrated how artists can come together to raise awareness of important issues.

The program featured some spirited solos and dynamic duets along with the full-ensemble songs. There were rock anthems (“Africa,” “Living on a Prayer,” “Eye of the Tiger,” “Flashdance”), touching ballads (“True Colors,” “The Greatest Love of All,” “Time After Time”) and fun party songs (“Walking on Sunshine,” “Video Killed the Radio Star”).  The concert also featured the debut of the instrumental ensemble School of Rock under the direction of Brendan Dolan, who knows a thing or two about the music of the 80s (even though he claims to be only 23 years old!). Josef Woodson, a dance teacher in our Wellness and Movement program, created “choral-ography” that allowed the choir to show off their dancing skills while getting a great cardio workout. (Jane Fonda would be proud!)

The audience was delighted to come along for the ride as they watched their students perform while costumed in full 80s style (side ponytails, neon leg warmers, fingerless gloves and a few Pac Man T-shirts). The effect was not only “totally rocking,” but for many in the audience, it was also a trip down memory lane.

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