Social Networking and Design Thinking in Spanish

Olga Valeria

In Spanish 5, students explored the impact of social networking on the self and the global community with Mr. Martin’s Design 4 Impact (D4i) class. D4i offers students an opportunity to develop their design thinking abilities and develop real-world problem-solving skills, and students in Spanish 5 were eager to tackle social media in an authentic context.

The purpose of this collaboration was to facilitate critical thinking about the online experience and to develop a positive online identity based on personal culture and values. Students discussed the ethical use of technology, defined cultural globalization and how social media can affect people’s lives and feelings.

The following essential questions guided their inquiry and understanding:

  • What is a social network? How are social networks used?

  • In what way is social media transforming the world?

  • In what ways, good and bad, does social media affect lives?

  • How does access/lack of access to technology affect people in the Spanish-speaking world?

  • How are language and communication changing due to science and technology?

Students discussed the evolution of different media, technology and electronics. They compared and contrasted social media platforms based on appropriateness and effectiveness in different contexts. They then investigated technology in the lives of young people in the Spanish-speaking world empathized on how access–or lack of access–could shape their experience. They made connections to the use of technology in their own lives, examined innovations and predicted exciting technologies to come!


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