See the Winning Photos from the 2019 Global Journeys Fifth Term Photo Contest

Morgan Baum, Global Journeys

Students are home, passports are put away and 2018–19 Global Journeys are wrapped up for the season. Throughout each program, there were friendships made, ambiguities embraced, food tasted and cultures experienced—and many beautiful photos snapped.

Fifth Term is a four-week period during which upper grades students complete projects on subjects that spark their passion. Global Journeys offers several programs students can take during Fifth Term, and in 2019, students participated in programs to China, Ecuador, Guatemala, Brazil and Hawaii. Keep reading to see the winning contributions from the 2019 Fifth Term Photo Contest.

Avenues São Paulo Fifth Term Photo Contest Winner

Wonders of the Universe by Lara Abad, grade 10

Title: Wonders of the Universe  

Photographer: Lara Abad, grade 10

Lara’s beautiful photograph allows us a small window into the expansive beauty of our universe. The students had a number of opportunities to peer into the skies, track stars and learn about astronomy all while experiencing the Hawaiian Islands. 


Avenues New York Fifth Term Photo Contest Winner 

Mid-Air Fun by Veasna Bogliolo, grade 11

Title: Mid-Air Fun

Photographer: Veasna Bogliolo, grade 11

This photo comes to you from Guatemala. The students were hard at work creating documentary films, learning from their host families and creating strong bonds with one another. This photo is a delightful snapshot of three friends surrounded by the beauty of Guatemala.


Avenues New York Fifth Term Photo Contest Runner-up 

Smoking Man by Daniel Khazanov, grade 11

Title: Smoking Man

Photographer: Daniel Khazanov, grade 11

Dan says: “I took this photo when we were in Shenzhen, China. Originally we weren't supposed to go to Shenzhen, but due to certain circumstances, we found ourselves there for the last four days. Being in a big city again after several days isolated in the mountains, and a week at the Shaolin temple, was familiar but at the same time foreign. I love street photography because it allows a story to be told through the candid nature of the shots. The expression of the man conveys emotion that wouldn't be seen if the shot were to be staged or interrupted with a "may I take your picture?"



We applaud the photo contest winners and also want to recognize the beautiful work from other contenders. 

From the Guatemala program:

By Dylan Cole

By Dylan Cole

On the filmmaking program in Guatemala, students experienced life through the lens of a native Guatemalan. They lived with a family and captured the process of creating artisanal products in the community. Several students commented on the fact that the homestay truly made them feel immersed in the local culture. The students also mentioned sentiments of:

  • Missing their host family very much 
  • How the program helped them to understand how people around the world live differently, but also similarly
  • That it taught them how documentary filmmaking can be used to share a story and incredible work of a community


From the Hawaii program:

By Amelia Heilbronn 

By Amelia Heilbronn 

During the Hawaii programs, students had their heads in the clouds, well, the stars, to be exact. In addition to the astronomy piece, students engaged in conversations about the pursuit of scientific knowledge and the preservation of indigenous rights. Students also commented on the learning that took place during their Fifth Term experience, such as:

  • Learning to embrace new things, even if it means going beyond their comfort zone
  • Learning from one another, many felt like they were part of one big family
  • Staying at a native Hawaiian family home and learning from the local people


From the China program: 

Shaolin temple By Grace Jackson

By Grace Jackson, Creative Team

This year's China program offered a chance for students to not only strengthen their minds but also their bodies. Participants engaged in high-intensity martial arts training while sticking to the routines of monastic life. Led, fearlessly, by Grace Jackson and Spencer Baron, the group participated in Daoism talks, took excursions to markets, engaged in tea ceremonies and tried their hand at music lessons. See below for some insights from the participants: 

  • It helped to encourage some students to accomplish lofty goals
  • Meditation was not only used during the program but transferred into some students’ personal life
  • The comradery that was built during the program was inspiring—everyone was helping each other to improve


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