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Middle Grades Wu Ji Xian Mascot Design Contest

Ting Wang, Upper Division Chinese Teacher

At the beginning of this school year, the teachers of the middle grades Mandarin Chinese immersion classes (Wu Ji Xian) announced that a mascot competition would take place to choose our classes’ official mascot of classes for the 2018–19 school year. There would be a fair judging process whereby all the Wu Ji Xian students and teachers would select the winning design from all the submissions.

This fall, the 7th graders worked very hard, in small groups, on their mascot project. The groups not only had to decide how to design a mascot based on traditional Chinese zodiac animals to represent the class’ spirit, but also had to create a campaign video to introduce their mascot and ask for votes. In their campaign videos, students showed their ability to use sentences and short paragraphs to talk and write about the physical appearance of their mascot, how they designed the mascot, why their mascot could represent the class and why fellow students should vote for them.

Students draft their design

Students draft their design

The whole competition was very intense because students were being truly creative with their designs and campaign videos. Some of the groups were making music videos, while some were trying to tell a story about their mascot.

Students making a 3D mascot

Making a 3D mascot

The winning mascot was finally selected after students from all the Wu Ji Xian classes voted for their top choice. It was designed by the team of Zenchang S., Renee C. and Ethan W. The mascot’s name is 喜羊龙 (xi yang long, or “pleasant goat dragon”). According to the designers, because their mascot has the body of a sheep as well as the wings of a dragon, they thought “pleasant goat dragon” would be the best name for the mascot. That’s because 喜羊羊(xi yang yang, or “pleasant goat”) is a popular, happy character in a famous Chinese cartoon, and also one of our students’ favorites.  

Working on the mascot movie

Working on the mascot movie

This mascot contest has become one of our students’ favorite projects. It not only adds to the excitement in the Chinese classes, but also communicates the values of our Wu Ji Xian classes and reflects the culture of our community. We can’t wait for the mascot contest next school year!

The winning team with a drawing and 3D mode of their mascot

The winning team with a drawing and 3D mode of their mascot




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