Making 3D Printers at the Avenues Mastery Academy in Shenzhen

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Jennette Mullaney


This spring, upper grades students from Avenues’ New York and São Paulo campuses traveled to Shenzhen, China, to participate in a 25-day Avenues Mastery Academy. These academies allow students to dive deeply into an interdisciplinary project while immersing themselves in a different culture. 

Known as the "Silicon Valley of hardware," Shenzhen is an ideal city for a program focused on innovation and making. The students' lab was located in our newly built Learning Innovation Center. 

Working alongside the Avenues New York and São Paulo students was a group of local students from Shenzhen. For all involved, being able to communicate effectively in their target language was crucial, as the team’s goal was a lofty one—to produce two 3D printers from scratch in a matter of weeks. See how they rose to the challenge in the video above. 

Avenues' Learning Innovation Center in Shenzhen

Avenues' Learning Innovation Center in Shenzhen


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