Making 3D Printers at the Avenues Mastery Academy in Shenzhen

Jennette Mullaney


This spring, upper grades students from Avenues’ New York and São Paulo campuses traveled to Shenzhen, China, to participate in a 25-day Avenues Mastery Academy. These academies allow students to dive deeply into an interdisciplinary project while immersing themselves in a different culture. 

Known as the "Silicon Valley of hardware," Shenzhen is an ideal city for a program focused on innovation and making. The students' lab was located in our newly built Learning Innovation Center. 

Working alongside the Avenues New York and São Paulo students was a group of local students from Shenzhen. For all involved, being able to communicate effectively in their target language was crucial, as the team’s goal was a lofty one—to produce two 3D printers from scratch in a matter of weeks. See how they rose to the challenge in the video above. 

Avenues' Learning Innovation Center in Shenzhen

Avenues' Learning Innovation Center in Shenzhen



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