Learning About the Filmmaking Process

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Rachel Kreibich, 5th Grade Head Teacher

Most kids in New York have had some brush with the entertainment industry through seeing someone famous, a scene movie being shot, a live theatrical performance or even being an actual part of a production. Avenues kids are well versed in the lexicon behind film and theater. Many students understand the complexities of the craft and are eager to learn more.

Nick Shumaker, the father of one of our 5th graders, recently visited the Palms’ classroom to talk about the process of creating the animated film White Fang. Mr. Shumaker shared his unique and interesting journey from working as a journalist in Cuba for five years, to being a European-based agent in Paris, to his current position as an agent for the United Talent Agency. He outlined the complicated process of making a book into a film and how that process differs in Europe and America. He touched upon topics such as book adaptation, animation technology, financing, production and distribution. At first, the students were skeptical as to why it takes so long to create a film but after learning about all the arduous moving parts behind each film, it all made more sense.  

Mr. Shumaker’s film, White Fang, “a thrilling and thought-provoking adaptation of Jack London’s classic tale” is being featured at the Sundance Film Festival and at New York’s International Children’s Film Festival. Avenues families are able to buy advance tickets for the NYICFF.  To purchase tickets, go to the NYICFF ticket site, enter the code 18AVES when selecting the screening, and purchase tickets.

Mr. Shumaker’s presentation ties well into the 5th grade curriculum as students are embarking on a new integrated unit of study about immigration and script writing.  

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