Kindergarteners Interview Peers in São Paulo

Natalie Gootkin, Kindergarten Teacher
During the months of September through December, kindergarten students study themselves and each other. We learn about how we are the same, how we are different and what makes us each unique. Learning about ourselves starts with creating self-portraits. We study our facial features and the placement of them on paper. Next, we move on to interviewing. This is a skill we are implementing in our curriculum throughout the entire school year – from Self to Babies to our last World Course unit, called Self Expression. As part of the interview process we are learning about making eye contact, using a loud and proud voice and coming up with questions. We are learning how to interview our classmates and 3rd graders in the Lower Division, and we are even getting the chance to interview a kindergarten classroom at our new campus in São Paulo.
Practicing interviewing other students

We invited a group of 3rd graders into our classroom to practice asking questions to kids we don’t know. Our kindergartners were each paired with a 3rd grader in Mr. Lesch’s classroom to ask questions such as, “What is your favorite activity?” and “What do you like to do on the weekends?” These were just a few to get them started. The kindergartners practiced recording their partner’s answers and even drew a self-portrait! After learning about our 3rd graders it was time to get ready to prepare to meet the Kindergartners in the Toucan class in São Paulo.

Practicing interviewing other students
Interviewing their peers in São Paulo

To prepare for the interview we generated a list of questions to ask them. The Dragons and Eagles came up with question such as, “What do you do on the weekends?” “What is your classroom like?” “What park do you like to play at?” “What is your favorite food?” and more! We were excited to find out more about them and see if their time at Avenues is the same or different than ours. When it was time to “meet” via video conferencing the excitement was evident in both classrooms. During our meeting we took turns asking questions to learn more about the São Paulo kindergarteners and hopefully they were learning from us too. We even learned how to say a few colors in Portuguese. This was our first time meeting the kindergarteners in São Paulo and we look forward to many more video conferences during which we can share our work and learn more about their experience at Avenues.



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