Kindergarteners Celebrate Coding!

Sara Hayes, Technology Integrator

Each December millions of students around the world celebrate Computer Science Education Week by participating in an Hour of Code. In 2013 launched the “Hour of Code” challenge to get more students interested in computer science by encouraging them to complete an “hour of code” activities on their website. Since the movement began, it has continued to grow with millions of people all around the world participating including President Obama and Mark Zukerberg. 

To celebrate the Hour of Code, each December students in the ELC participate by working through rotation stations geared towards teaching computer science concepts. This year, students worked with Robot Mouse, Dash and created pattern bracelets using beads. 

The Robot Mouse station taught students the importance of sequencing and debugging when completing tasks. Students worked together to build mazes, program Robot Mouse and help each other debug as they learned. They also practiced using direction cards to help them plan their code before they began programming the mouse.

At the Dash station, students were guided with activity cards that helped them turn Dash into a car, a person crossing the street, and a dancer. This station taught students persistence, teamwork, and a new way to program a robot using Puzzlets puzzle pieces.

In the third station, students practiced creating patterns by making bracelets and necklaces using beads. The students learned about different types of patterns, chose the one they wanted to create and then used the beads to make them come to life!

The students enjoyed learning new computer science concepts through device-free activities. When asked which activity was their favorite, each station received a big thumbs up with many requests for future exploration in their classrooms!


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