Incorporating Snow into a Lesson

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Meagan Gutierrez, Kindergarten Teacher

What do you do with a classroom full of kindergarteners when it snows?

On the morning of a recent snowstorm, our question of the day asked our students whether they thought it would actually snow that afternoon.

Just a few hours later during our math centers, all 21 students were in awe as they left their centers to see the snow fall outside of the classroom. Earlier in the week, we had carefully crafted games and activities for each center and were determined to finish math, but things did not go as planned. 

Kindergarteners mesmerized by the snow

After witnessing our students being mesmerized by the snow, the other teacher and I looked at each other and knew that our planned activities for that afternoon were now being altered by the weather. We knew that we needed to consider exactly what would benefit our students best at that time.

We then proceeded to wrap up math centers, dim the lights and play some instrumental music for them to heighten their experience with the snow. Before we sent them off to gaze outside through our floor-to-ceiling windows we talked with them about using scientist-like skills to draw exactly what they saw. We also handed out clipboards, pencils and paper and let our kindergarteners illustrate their experience in real time.

For a long time after they were engaged in drawing and labeling their work, just like they do during writing workshop. Vocabulary words like “nieve” and “edificio” quickly filled their pages. They eagerly tried to capture the moment as best they could. Soon thereafter we introduced crayons to allow them to add detail to their work, and before we knew it we had received sheet after sheet of their unique, wintry observations.

The book of children's snow observations

After they finished, we decided to gather their drawings, add a cover, and bind their pictures. The book we created from their work now sits on our shelf for students to read throughout the day. One proud child even exclaimed, "This is muy bonito!” after picking up the book.

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