Gerry Moffatt and the Lessons of Adventure

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Jennette Mullaney

What can adventure teach us about living? This winter, Gerry Moffatt spoke to the Avenues community about the lessons he’s learned during 35 years as an expedition guide, explorer and filmmaker.

Moffatt encourages his listeners to embrace uncertainty, but he also preaches responsibility. Before climbing Mount Everest for the first time, Moffatt spent a significant amount of time preparing and acclimatizing, and during the ascent witnessed firsthand what the world’s highest mountain can do to the human body. “Risk is something most of us try to avoid, but what Everest taught me is that a significant portion of risk can be mitigated by our own actions,” says Moffatt. “Through our willingness to relentlessly prepare, plan, train, suffer … and the good news is that effort is entirely up to us.” Enjoy this excerpt from Moffatt’s fascinating talk.

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