Creating Collaborative Artworks Using 100 Dots

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Joy Dong, Kindergarten Teacher

To celebrate the 100th day of school, the kindergarten Dragons and Eagles classes completed a group artwork project using 100 colorful dot stickers. Students were divided into four groups, and each group was given 100 stickers of different colors and shapes.

To begin the project, students came up with an idea in groups of four. Everyone shared what they wanted to make using the stickers. Some wanted to make a rainbow, some wanted to make a tree, and so forth. This small-group discussion helped to teach children teamwork. Students are asked to listen to each other’s opinions, solve problems and compromise.

Counting the dots

Next, the children counted the stickers. They had been learning to count from one to 100 in different ways, including counting by twos, fives and 10s. This step allowed the students to explore which way to count is the most efficient.

Choosing the dots
Placing the stickers

After that, they created the story. Students drew outlines of the objects or characters on a piece of paper and then placed the stickers. This step also required a lot of teamwork. The children needed to work as a group to see which sizes, colors and shapes of stickers they wanted to use.

A completed dot artwork
A completed dot artwork

Finally, the kindergarteners practiced telling their story in a group and presented it to the whole class in Chinese. The children worked as a team to practice their presentation skills. They also learned to how to be good audience members. Most importantly, they practiced speaking Chinese!

A group presents its dot artwork
A group presents its dot artwork


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