Creating Board Games in Spanish

Olga Valeria

The “Spanish: Hispanic Culture, Community and Friendship” elective is conducted exclusively in Spanish and promotes authentic cross-cultural acceptance and understanding of Hispanic culture.  One way students have been exploring culture is through playing and creating board games in Spanish. 

Middle grades students immersed themselves in the Board Game project, where they were able to showcase language skills, to collaborate with peers, provide constructive feedback, and use the problem-solving to overcome obstacles.

Before creating their own game, they tested a range of classic games in Spanish (Bananagrams, Manzanas con Manzanas, Parchís, Oca, Stop, Telestrations, Monopoly, Scrabble, etc). This allowed them to better understand how the games are put together and how the rules work.

Playing games sparked ideas for their own games! They then started designing their own board games: their own rules, design and questions. The only requirement was their game had to be in Spanish and related to Spanish language and culture. It was very powerful to see their logic skills and creativity develop during the process. After they created their own game boards and cards with questions, they designed and printed their own dice in the iLab using Tinkercad, a 3D CAD design tool. When their games were ready, they played them in their Spanish classes, practiced their knowledge of Spanish culture and had a lot of fun!


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