Celebrating Fall in Kindergarten

Mayra Julian, Kindergarten Teacher

Fall is one of our favorite seasons in the kindergarten classroom. During morning meeting one day, our students shared that they enjoy going pumpkin picking and jumping in piles of colorful leaves. We decided to launch a multidisciplinary pumpkin-and-leaf unit, as these were popular topics of conversation. 

During walks to the playground, the students collected leaves. We read aloud two Spanish-language books about the fall, Las Hojas de Otoño and El Otoño Ya Esta Aqui! We discussed the changes that occur in leaves during the fall. Then, during guided play centers, students were given the opportunity to do a watercolor project. They drew different types of leaves and were very careful in creating an accurate representation of all the details.  

Kindergarteners carefully draw leaves
Kindergarteners carefully draw leaves
Kindergarteners carefully draw leaves

Kindergarteners also had the opportunity to learn about pumpkins (calabazas) in different contexts. We learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin. During guided play centers, they carved pumpkins and drew their predictions about what they thought the inside would look like.

Children investigate the insides of a pumpkin

During math centers, students counted and drew a visual representation of pumpkins inside different jars.

Incorporating pumpkins into math

The students made initial estimates of a pumpkin’s length and then used Unifix Cubes to measure and test their predictions. They also enjoyed making an estimate of the number of seeds within a pumpkin and once they opened it, they counted and grouped pumpkin seeds into plastic bags.

Counting pumpkin seeds

Finally, the students measured themselves and had fun comparing their heights! These kindergarteners’ heights range between six and seven pumpkins. We had a wonderful time incorporating fall into our curriculum!

Measuring height in pumpkins



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