Avenues’ First Spring Break Camp

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Zoe Shan, Head of Summer Programs

This year, Avenues offered spring-break camp for the first time. During week one campers explored Science of Gourmet Cooking with PoSoCo, while the second week was Mini Musical: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The ideas behind these themes originated with our beloved after-school classes and were then developed into full-week programs. Both weeklong camps welcomed children from pre-kindergarten through 3rd grade.

spring break

spring break

Science of Gourmet Cooking was held in the teaching kitchen of our new Early Learning Center facility on West 26th Street. Campers not only experienced making sweet and savory treats, but went even further into examining the cooking process under a microscope. From making marshmallow treats and analyzing their molecules to grinding Wheaties and extracting its iron, the creative and learning process was delectable.

spring break camp

Spring break 1

spring break

All campers kept a tasting journal where they drew and described foods, ingredients and what they learned from them. On Thursday campers got to go on a school scavenger hunt looking for solutions and then testing their pH levels; the goal of the exercise was to get a better sense of which cooking what ingredients mix well together. The last day for this camp featured a special treat – everyone got to make their very own vanilla soft serve!

After a super hands-on week, we ushered in the imaginative and creative second week with Mini Musical. From making their very own set to inventing their own choreography, the students brought limitless imagination to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which we presented in partnership with Child’s Play NY. The day began with a creative visual craft to warm up the mind and focus on the story of Charlie. Then campers warmed up their voices and body with exercises that pushed their creativity and expression and boosted their confidence. They then collaborated in creating their own choreography and lines to the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And there were rehearsals, of course!

spring break

Some of our favorite games this week have involved creating a stew to give us the energy to play games like “Little Sally Walker” and “Walk Around.” You can learn more about Walk Around here, and we’ve been playing it with character names — “When I say ‘Veruca’, you say ‘salt!’”

spring break

We also built machines inside the chocolate factory, and played a few rounds of improv games “Hey, You Guys” and “What Are You Doing?” We also sang “Pure Imagination” and the “Oompa Loompa” song in our music rehearsals!

Both PoSoCo and Mini Musical will have even more exciting offerings for summer. Click here for more information.


June 18 through 22: SeaGlide Undersea Robotics

June 25 through 29: MIT APPInventor

August 13 through17: Mini Musical: Moana and Myth

August 20 through 24: Mini Musical: Once Upon a Time

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