Artists in Residence

Avenues: The World School, Artist in Residence Mission Statement

The AIR program will bring a cross section of creative professionals into the school to share their passions and expertise with our community and inspire our students to think, make and learn through collaborative projects and experiences. 

Working Goals
  • We aim to create a flexible six-week residency that takes into consideration each artist’s professional schedule and our Avenues teacher’s schedules.
  • Artists in Residence (A.I.R.s) will make connections in one or more divisions developing projects related to particular classes and/or grades.
  • The nature of each project is particular to the teachers and artists designing it.
  • Community share of project of project work and/or experience with students as a culminating event


AIR 2016-17

Debra Driscoll and PROOF: For Social Justice
Debra Driscoll is a director of PROOF: Media for Social Justice, a non-profit NYC based organization that educates the public through art and performance about social justice issues. PROOF brings creatives together to shed light on he world’s injustices thus empowering others to take a stand. She has a strong background in project management as well as theatrical production not only in the US, but in Sri Lanka and Australia. Read more about Debra and PROOF here:
Colette Fu
Colette Fu is pop-up and animation artist. With a background in fine arts photography and pop-up engineering, she has constructed some of the world’s largest pop-up books including one that visitors could walk inside of (which is under review by the Guinness Book of World Records) She has also designed award-winning stop-motion animated projects. To give back to the community, she teaches pop-up book courses to marginalized populations around the world. To learn more about Colette, visit her site here:


Meredith Mowder

Meredith Mowler is a contemporary art history professor at Hunter College, Parsons, and The New School. Her particular area of expertise is in the intersection of art, music, and pop culture post-1945. In 2015 she brought together a series programs called “99 Objects” at The Whitney presenting an overview of art in the postwar period.

Mickalene Thomas
Mickalene Thomas is an NYC-based artist known for her elaborate rhinestone paintings and her exploration of the feminine experience through art. Her work can be seen in international galleries, as well as on the cover of Solange’s EP album True. She has also directed a HBO special about her mother and muse titled Happy Birthday to a Beautiful Woman. Frequently her work deals with self-image, identity, and beauty ideals. To see her work, visit her site here:
Joseph Woodson
Joseph Woodson is a choreographer, dancer, and performer. He is a principal dancer at Skin Dance Company, as well as a rehearsal director. He is also an adjunct professor at Queensborough Community College and a Teaching Artist at NJPAC. He danced for several years at Tokyo Disney and was a featured dancer for Katherine McPhee in Disney’s Christmas Day Parade. For more information about Josef and his work, check out his site here:


AIR 2015-16

Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter is visual artist specializing in dystopian urban pieces in bright, child-like color combinations. He has dabbled in many forms including painting, drawing, photography, book-making, and audio works. He has had solo exhibitions all over the world. To view his work, you can find his agency site here:

Taylor Mali
Taylor Mali is a poet born of the slam poetry movement. He performs and hosts workshops worldwide. He is also a former teacher and strives to inspire others to teach as seen in his 12 year project, Quest for One Thousand Teachers. Additionally, Taylor was at one point the President of Poetry Slam, Inc. which oversees all of the slams in North America. To learn more about Taylor visit:
Sarah Cameron Sunde
Sarah Cameron Sunde is a interdisciplinary director and performance artist. Many of her works involve video elements, the passing of time, and the use of water. She is the creator of expansive durational performances and public art exhibitions as well as co-founding her own theater company. She is currently the Deputy Artistic Director at New Georges. Sarah’s pieces have been featured in countries all over the world. For more information visit:
Omari Tipton
Omari Tipton (also known as Omari Mizrahi or Ousmane Wiles) is a dancer specializing in traditional West African dance, hip hop, house, and vogue. He is the creator of “AfrikFusion”; a style of dance that combines all of his specialties. He has been seen performing a the MTV Video Music Awards. He currently teaches at Broadway Dance Center.

AIR 2014-15

Gil Morgenstern
Gil Morgenstern is a classical violinist and the current artistic director of Reflection Series International which performs in the US as well as Europe. Each of his programs with Reflections is a multimedia experience combining a variety of art forms to give the audience multiple interpretations on a theme. As a soloist, he has toured internationally with much acclaim. For more information about Gil, visit his site here: