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What's Worth Fighting For? 10th Grade Artists Explore Big Ideas in The Studio
Kate Howard

10th grade Visual Art Workshop students recently completed a 2D design challenge that probed the question “What's worth fighting for?” Their responses led them to investigate and create printed ephemera (posters, flyers, pamphlets, etc.) that visually communicate a contemporary viewpoint on issues and ideas that are important to them as citizens of the world.

Initial understandings of what constitutes a revolution commenced in World Course, where students investigated symbolic artifacts representing different revolutions all over the world and throughout history. To add greater texture to the 10th grade artists’ experience, Upper Division Associative Division Head, B.C. Craig, presented her personal archive of activist artwork. The works were both inspiring and challenging and provided the students with potential strategies for approaching their own creative explorations.  

Inspired by great artists like Barbara Kruger, Shepard Fairey, and Alexandra Bell art students put combined layers of text and image and employed select printmaking strategies in order to best communicate their message through visual means. 

B.C. Craig shares Act Up poster

10th Grade artists brainstorm ideas for final designs

Students commence the silkscreen process

Student work, mid-process

Examples of the iterative printmaking process

Sample stencil transfer in silkscreen process


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