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The Portrait Show
Kate Howard

We are excited to open our winter art exhibit in the Admissions Hallway on the first floor.  On display are artworks from grades 5-9 that explore the theme of portraiture.  From 5th grade collages portraits to 9th grade expressions of self, each investigation considers how identity can be represented.  The 6s investigated themselves by creating mind maps. 7th grade artists chose contemporary idols to emulate through pencil drawings, practicing value and resizing.  The colorful wall of self-portraits belongs to our 8s, who completed a painting unit recently, during which time they studied color theory. Finally, there are samples of the 9s  "Excavating The Self"-an interdisciplinary project with English, on display.  For this project, students combined personal narratives with visual works and depending on what section they were in, realized their final pieces in photography, cast sculpture or cardboard constructions.   

9th Grade, Interdisciplinary Sculpture/English project, Installation 

9th Grade, Interdisciplinary Sculpture/English project

9th Grade, Interdisciplinary Scultpure/English project

9th Grade, Interdisciplinary Scultpure/English project

9th Grade, Interdisciplinary Photo/English project, Installation 

9th Grade, Photography/English project individual

8th Grade, Acrylic Paint Portraits, Color Value 

8th Grade, Acrylic Paint Portrait

7th Grade, Value Study, Pencil

7th Grade, Mind Map Portrait, collage

5th Grade Collage

5th Grade Collage


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