Recap: Who Was the Real Andy Warhol?
Alissa Dufour

On a windy evening in February, students, parents and faculty gathered for a lively discussion of the life and work of Andy Warhol, who first came to New York City as a commercial artist in 1949.

Leading the creAtiVES discussion was art historian and professor Michael Lobel, who was both personable and insightful. On display was Warhol-inspired student artwork, and opening and closing the discussion was an Avenues student band playing songs from the Velvet Underground—the band that Warhol produced in the 1960s and that made Lou Reed famous!

Up next, creAtiVES presents: “An Evening with Frida,” to take the Avenues community on a journey to explore the life and work of Mexican-born artist Frida Kahlo, who’s currently featured in a major show at Brooklyn Museum through May.

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