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Artists Discover New Ways of Seeing and Making Through Fiber
Kate Howard

Sewing. Weaving. Spinning. Felting, screen-printing, and resist dying.  These are core processes that define fiber arts and that Middle school students enrolled in our Fiber Arts elective are exploring. During the first semester, artists learned about immersion dye and working with four different types of cellulose fibers: China silk, silk organza, cotton, and rayon. Students collaboratively mixed dye stock solution and dye bath to discover a beautiful array of colors. They also created a sample binder to document their learning and collect samples along the way. Fiber artists worked in a pairs to practice immersion dyeing through ombre on cotton.

Moving forward, Fiber artists will learn basic techniques to create stand alone two-dimensional and three-dimensional fiber constructions. Historical works will be studied as well as the contemporary evolution of this art form.  Questions about source materials and the ethics of clothing production are woven into this elective as well. Stay tuned for more great things! 

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