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Kate Howard

Martin, Grade 8

We are thrilled to report that our Avenues artists won numerous prestigious Scholastic Awards this year in the category of Visual Arts.  The competition was fierce with nearly 13,000 submissions from creative teens across the five boroughs! For this competition, jurors evaluated submissions based on three sole criteria: originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice or vision.  Avenues topped out with 45 awards in grades 8-12. With 8 students receiving one or more Gold Key awards!  Gold Key artists now have the opportunity to display one artwork in the Scholastic Art Exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.  The opening reception will be held on March 23. Additionally, all Gold Key artworks are advanced to a national art review. Winners will be announced in March.  

The Avenues Art team wants to make a big shout out to all of our students who took the time to submit this year.  Thank you for making the effort and having the courage to get your work out there.

Below, please find some sample works by our Scholastic award winners!

Ben Kessler

Luc, Grade 10



Brandon, Grade 12

Mickey, Grade 11

Christopher, Grade 9

Ben, Grade 10

Grace, Grade 8

Penelope, Grade 10

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