Introducing the Avenues World Elements

Avenues World Elements (AWE) was developed to showcase the unique global perspective of Avenues and define the global intended curriculum for graduating students across the globe. AWE captures the essential and enduring outcomes for graduates of Avenues. For example, the first Avenues World Element is empathy: the ability to recognize, understand and experience the feelings of others. Empathy is often considered a building block of morality. Empathy may have limits on its own, but when combined with other elements like persistence, beliefs and ethics, the result can direct moral action. Empathy can also be combined with creativity, design and entrepreneurship to lead to solving problems in a more user-centered manner. In these ways, curricular elements combine to form a wide variety of programmatic molecules within Avenues’ curriculum, which form the very building blocks of the thought and behavior of an Avenues student.

Ty Tingley
Avenues Founding Head of School