The Fab Five: A Program for 5th Graders

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The Fab Five: A Program for 5th Graders
Rachel Kreibich, 5th Grade Head Teacher

The 5th grade at Avenues is a year in which the students are preparing and transitioning for life in the middle grades. One major change between the Lower and Upper Divisions is the opportunity to transition between classes and, in later years, take electives. In order to ease into the new freedoms 5th grade students will gain in the years to come, they participate in the Fab Five.  

The Fab Five is an opportunity in which, for one hour a week, students transition between five different elective classes. All 5th grade classes are mixed together and assigned to one elective for six to eight weeks. Eventually, all the students will rotate through all the electives throughout the year.

Girls' Wellness Class

A girls' wellness class

The Fab Five classes are Leadership, Creative Computation, Journalism, Wellness and Drama. In Leadership, led by Lower Division head Abby Brody, students study the school mission statement and pick one part of the statement that resonated with them. Eventually, they will write a speech about that excerpt. One student, Olivia, is targeting the part about students being “aware that their behavior makes a difference in our ecosystem.” Creative Computation is under the direction of Avenues technology integration specialist Yumi Nakanishi. In her class students are working in teams to build a computer using a blueprint and provided parts. Alexandra Aron teaches the students about acting skills such as eye contact and expression through games, activities and skits. In Journalism, students explore the ins and outs of the reporting and investigative writing with a focus on the publication The Highliner. Students explore adolescence, growth and development in Wellness class.

Creative Computation

The Creative Computation class

Change can be hard for students as they transition from being a kid in the Lower Division to being an adolescent in the upper division but it is import to teach students to embrace and prepare for change. Fab Five organizers hope that by the end of the year, students will not only have had the opportunity to explore the intriguing content of all five classes but that they will feel more comfortable and ready for middle school.  

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