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Lia Muschellack on Our Vision for Technology

Lia Muschellack is Avenues São Paulo’s director of technology. In this brief video interview, Lia explains how integrating technology into education prepares students for an intelligence-driven future.

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Avenues World Elements and the Stars

Childhood is a time of curiosity and wonder.  A child looks to the sky and is captivated by its birds and stars. She uncovers life’s miracles piece by piece, moment by moment, fascinated by all that is new.

As the years pass and age advances, some of that wonder fades. Yet, many of us, even if less inspired, remain open and hopeful for moments of awe.

I recently experienced awe when I came across the Avenues World Elements. A table from long- ago chemistry lessons suddenly recalled the stars from my childhood

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Os Primeiros Kicks Off!

Avenues welcomed its São Paulo students this week! Students for Os Primeiros: The Avenues 10th Grade São Paulo + New York Semester settled into the Civi-Co campus, explored the neighborhood and met their new teachers.

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A Warm Welcome to the Primary Associate Division Heads

The Primary Division leadership team is off to a running start! This week, Anne Baldisseri, head of Primary Division welcomed associate division heads, Merrill Murphy and Daniela Pannuti. Click through to learn more about them.

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Tactfully Approaching Strangers in a Second Language
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In Chinese 3-4, we are actively focused on our skills at making conversation. As we move across topics essential to daily life in Chinese, the one common thread is the opening. That very small but important dance of interaction between two or more people is where so many decisions are made about how to move forward and will dictate how friendly each side will decide to be

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A Picture Book Teaches Compassion
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This fall’s earthquakes in Mexico and devastating storms in Puerto Rico deeply affected members of our teaching team. One of our teachers saw an opportunity for children to learn compassion with the use of Alvaro F. Villa’s Flood, a moving and wordless eBook. 

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