An Interdisciplinary Project Connects Avenues 2nd Graders to Students in Nepal
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Our 2nd grade students have been taking part in an amazing global art collaboration, much of it completed in their immersion art class. A program called Crossroads has partnered Avenues New York, Jan Kath gallery, and Kelsang Primary School in Kathmandu, Nepal, in a year-long carpet-design and pen-pal partnership.

  • 2nd Grade
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  • Arts
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Avenues New York: Design 4 Impact - Zero Waste Challenge

How might we become a zero waste school? This ambitious question was the focus of Design 4 Impact’s (D4i) first design challenge of the year. 

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Keeping Students Active and Engaged in Middle Grades Math
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One of the challenges of teaching math is making sure all kids are engaged and all kids learn. The way I address this challenge in my classroom is by first having a several activities planned during the 82-minute class period and by having different math levels of activities available to students.

  • 6th Grade
  • Math
  • mathematics
  • Middle Grades Program
  • Upper Division
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Meet Marcello Mauriz

Marcello Mauriz will join Avenues São Paulo as director of athletics. Marcello comes to Avenues after 20 years of leadership in athletics and physical education leadership at Chapel School.

As an educator, Marcello has a deep understanding of how athletic programs cultivate character. He is passionate about sportsmanship and cultivating confidence, collaboration and camaraderie in the student community. Last semester, under Marcello’s leadership,  the boys soccer teams won all major championships: junior varsity boys soccer won the Little 8 tournament, and varsity boys soccer won both the SPHSL and Big 8 tournaments.

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Debating in Chinese
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Many students think of language class as a place to acquire basic life skills in a new language, but I imagine not many of my students in Chinese 3 had thought they could have a political debate in their target language.

  • 10th Grade
  • 9th Grade
  • Mandarin Chinese
  • Upper Division
  • Upper Grades Program
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Avenues New York: Internships and Mastery

What does a good internship experience bring to students in terms of skills that they’ll find valuable for the rest of their lives? Avenues' director of Mastery, Mark Gutkowski, discusses how internships are an important part of the Mastery Program.

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Avenues at AASSA 2018

This year’s AASSA conference was hosted at the American School of Quito, in Ecuador. Avenues São Paulo was proud to have our head of Brazilian Program, Cristine Conforti, and head for the Primary Division, Daniela Pannuti in attendance. While engaging and connecting with schools and teachers from all over, they also led workshops on “Promoting Reading and Writing” and “Growth Mindset: Lessons from Nature.”

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