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Global Journeys: Hawaii

Students from Avenues New York and São Paulo met in Hawaii to study connections between the island’s ecosystem, its indigenous community and the cosmos above.

Warm-up exercises

Our dance and movement teacher, Dina Gray, created a movement game to evoke child-created, collaborative choreography for our pre-K class.


Avenues students met in Hawaii to study connections between the island’s ecosystem, its indigenous community and the cosmos above.

“When it's meaningful for the students... it can transform the learning experience.” See how Avenues pre-k students tackled a real-world problem and worked together to build their own playground bridge.

One year ago, Avenues São Paulo brought faculty and staff together through a beautiful interactive exhibition of personal objects and oral histories–the Cornerstone project. We loved revisiting this video and seeing how much our incredible teaching community has grown!


The Avenues World Elements

Essential and Enduring Learning Outcomes

Avenues Elements Table

Avenues World Elements (AWE) was developed to showcase the unique global perspective of Avenues and define the global intended curriculum for graduating students across the globe. AWE captures the essential and enduring outcomes for graduates of Avenues.

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Classics Element Animation

Class of 2018

On Tuesday, June 5, the class of 2018 graduated from Avenues New York. They're moving on to great things, and we couldn't be happier for them. 


Global Journeys Chile 2018

Over spring break 2018, upper grades students explored cultural diversity, biodiversity and climate change in Chile. 

Global Journeys China 2018

Middle grades students traveled to Guilin, China to advance their Chinese language abilities and deepen their understanding of Chinese culture.


We are delighted to announce the opening of Avenues Shenzhen, the newest campus of Avenues: The World School. The campus is an urban oasis where architecture inspires learning, in the heart of one of China’s most innovative cities.

Avenues: The World School is pleased to announce that for the second consecutive term, it has been recognized as an Apple Distinguished School for innovation, leadership and educational excellence.

New York, São Paulo, Shenzhen and now…everywhere. With our new online campus, students in grades 6–12 can access an Avenues education wherever there is an internet connection.

Getting started is easy. A quick look at the FAQ will improve your use of the new Avenues OPEN and connecting. More content awaits once you are logged-in.