This section of OPEN will provide information on different facets of an Avenues education, with articles on a variety of topics, including:

  • curriculum
  • school culture
  • the role of technology
  • athletics
  • the arts at Avenues
  • education in general

We like to think of it as the logical evolution of education: keeping the best of the old and incorporating the best of the new to create School 2.0.

Some of the topics you will find under “School 2.0” include:

How and what should we teach in the school of the future? The Avenues curriculum stresses the role of the student in an international context. In School 2.0 we will discuss aspects of this philosophy, including our language immersion plans and the World Course. Other topics may include the way in which technology is incorporated into the learning process; the emphasis on athletics and general fitness among our students; the importance of the arts in our educational philosophy; extracurricular activities; what we mean by “practical matters”; and other aspects of school life. School 2.0 will also include articles on the policies that govern our school, as well as the spontaneously emerging traditions that mark a vibrant school culture.

In this section of OPEN, we will also include some articles that provide food for thought, even though they may espouse directions we will not follow. Overall, we hope to contribute to the global conversation on how education needs to change to meet the challenges of the future.