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    Entre a equipe de gestores da Avenues São Paulo estão Hamilton “Ham” Clark, atual Diretor da Avenues de New York, que, em breve, assumirá a gestão da Avenues São Paulo; John Ciallelo, Diretor da Secondary Division (grades 6-12), Anne Baldisseri, Diretora da Primary Division (grades N-5), Lyle French, Diretor de Teaching and Learning, Lisa Peixoto, Diretora de Admissões e Luciana D’Angelo, Chefe de Operações e Administração.


    The Avenues São Paulo leadership team includes Hamilton “Ham” Clark currently Head of School at Avenues New York, soon to be Head of School at Avenues São Paulo; John Ciallelo, Head of Secondary Division (grades 6-12); Anne Baldisseri, head of Secondary Division (grades N-5), Lyle French, Director of Teaching and Learning; Lisa Peixoto, Director of Admissions; and Luciana D’Angelo, Director of Operations and Administration.

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    A Avenues: The World School só tem a agradecer o interesse da comunidade brasileira em conhecer mais o nosso novo jeito de educar.
    We reached 1,000 followers today! We thank you for your ongoing support of Avenues and for the warm welcome you’ve given us so far. We are more excited than ever to be bringing a new school of thought to Brazil.
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Editor’s note: Todd gave this speech to Upper School students at their opening assembly on September 3, 2014. Toward the end of last year, something really important happened in the Upper School* at Avenues. A group of 14 bold students and two talented teachers pushed the very young Mastery program to its next level with […]  More...

In the Campus section of OPEN, you will find articles and discussion related to the physical spaces inhabited by Avenues: The World School. Some of the topics you will find filed under “Campus” include: The Building What difference does it make when you get to design the school building and the school itself at the […]  More...


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Avenues: The World School is a community of educators, administrators, staff, parents and students. The “People” section of OPEN features articles about the different members of our school community and their roles and experiences, both within Avenues and earlier in their lives. Some of the topics you will find under “People” include: Administration In the […]  More...


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This section of OPEN will provide information on different facets of an Avenues education, with articles on a variety of topics, including: curriculum school culture the role of technology athletics the arts at Avenues education in general Some of the topics you will find under “Learning” include: How and what should we teach in the […]  More...