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    O evento especial para alunos de 8th e 9th grades na noite desta quarta-feira foi um sucesso! Mais de 120 pessoas puderam conhecer a proposta de educação da Avenues, com a participação dos alunos de Nova Iorque respondendo a perguntas através da conexão ao vivo pelo video wall. Agradecemos a presença de todos! Em breve divulgaremos novas datas de eventos.

    This Wednesday’s special event for 8th and 9th grade students was a hit! Over 120 people learned more about Avenues’ academic offerings. Students from Avenues New York joined as well, as they answered questions through a live connection through our video wall. Thank you to all who came. Stay tuned for our new calendar of events.
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    Educar além das barreiras culturais, geográficas e intelectuais é uma das missões da Avenues. Para isso, um grupo de educadores especializados, liderados pelo professor da Universidade de Harvard, Dr. Fernando Reimers, desenvolveu um curso sob medida para abordar temas como sustentabilidade, geografia mundial e população, religiões e comércio mundial. Ao final da jornada acadêmica, os alunos são instigados a pensar e agir como cidadãos responsáveis e comprometidos globalmente. Saiba mais sobre o World Course em: bit.ly/2tyVJYm
    Educating beyond cultural, geographical and intellectual borders is key to Avenues’ vision.
    Dr. Fernando Reimers of Harvard University brought his team of graduate students to Avenues to direct the development of a special course that is a non-western-centric combination of history, geography and world issues that spirals throughout all years of Avenues. Students are taught to think and act responsibly as global citizens. Learn more about World Course here: bit.ly/2t0zhtQ
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We recently announced the Os Primeiros: Avenues 10th Grade New York + São Paulo Semester. A special event was hosted for students and families to learn more about the semester and students from Avenues New York via live transmission.  More...

Describe your role at Avenues São Paulo As Head of Secondary Division, my role is to work collaboratively with students, teachers and parents to create creative and challenging learning experience for all students in grades 6 through 12. Our efforts will focus on creating a safe and welcoming environment that respects individuality and that encourages […]  More...


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Roberto Aflalo, the lead architect for the Avenues São Paulo, describes (very briefly) how the campus and its spaces have been designed for learning and growth.  More...


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The science and World Course teachers for two 6th grade sections have teamed up for an exciting project that combines increased knowledge about the New York water system with community engagement and design thinking!   More...

Describe your role at Avenues São Paulo. As Head of the Primary Division, I work closely with Hamilton Clark (currently Head of Avenues New York and future Head of Avenues São Paulo) and John Ciallelo (Head of Secondary Division). Currently, we are in advanced stage of planning for building a learning community that, from the […]  More...


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Anne Baldisseri, Head of Primary Division at Avenues São Paulo participated in the AERA (www.aera.net) conference in San Antonio, Texas. She presented at a roundtable called ‘How Interesting! Students’ Motivation and Interest in Context’ together with three other research groups. In their study, Anne and her colleagues, Rhonda Bondie and Akane Zusho explored the impact […]  More...

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As part of our pre-K health and wellness curriculum, we used the song "Chicken Soup with Rice" as inspiration to have an experience with food.   More...

Interdisciplinary learning is a fundamental part of an Avenues education. This short video explains the power of connecting many disciplines through the Living Wall project.  More...

Describe your role at Avenues São Paulo. I will be Head of School at Avenues São Paulo. I’m currently Head of School at Avenues New York and will be moving to Brazil to take up my new role at the end of the 2016-17 school year. Where were you born and raised? Which cities have […]  More...


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In March, the Avenues São Paulo leadership team headed up to Rio de Janeiro for the biannual AASSA Conference. The Association of American Schools in South America has been connecting global educators and international schools in South America since 1961. The Avenues São Paulo leadership team is looking forward to joining a network of outstanding […]  More...