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    Festival de Primavera 2017
    Each year, Spanish-immersion students in the Lower Division and Early Learning Center participate in the Festival de Primavera. Enjoy highlights from this year’s event!
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    Avenues: The World School added 3 new photos.

    These pre-K students have fun playing an exciting phonics game that is (secretly) helping them learn how to read. The best part? It can be played at home too! bit.ly/2rVfoAW
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Archive for Featured Articles

Rita Truong

For the past five years, Rita Truong has been the head teacher in the Yellow room of the Avenues Early Learning Center. She is a proud member of the Avenues founding faculty.  More...


Ivan Cestero has been with Avenues from early days of 2011. He now teaches 11th and 12th grade electives in entrepreneurship and innovation in the World Course while overseeing the school's first student-run startup, Design4Impact, as part of the Mastery Program. More...

Angela Xu

Angela Ji Xu first joined Avenues in fall 2012 as the head teacher in a Chinese section of kindergarten (in the immersion classes, nursery through grade three, children spend half their day in a class conducted in English and half in a class conducted in either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese). In fall 2014, she went on to become the immersion coordinator for Chinese teachers in the Early Learning Center (nursery through kindergarten) and Lower Division (first through fifth grade). More...

Nelsa Cotte
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Nelsa Cotte will join Avenues as a head teacher in the Spanish immersion program for pre-kindergarten. In the immersion classes, nursery through grade one, children spend half their day in a class conducted in English and half in a class conducted in either Spanish or Mandarin Chinese. More...


Rosalyn McCaine is a dedicated artist who has served as an art teacher in the Lower Division Spanish immersion classes since she first joined Avenues in 2012. She brings a warmth and a wide range of experience to the students she teaches in kindergarten through grade five. More...

Melissa Dolen

Melissa Kubin first joined Avenues in 2012 as a head teacher in an English section of first grade, a role in which she remained for three years. In 2015, she became the head of first grade. This fall, we are happy to welcome her back as an associate head of grade two. More...

Mike Maccarone Video
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Michael Maccarone first joined Avenues in 2012 as a science teacher and curriculum specialist for the upper grades program, a role in which he has remained since. More...

Sally Kent
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Sally Kent first joined Avenues in 2012 as the science curriculum specialist for the middle grades program and Lower Division while teaching middle grades science. In addition, in fall 2015 she became the STEAM cohort leader for the middle grades program. This fall, we are glad to welcome her back as an associate head of administration for grades six through 12. More...

Maggie Wollner

Since joining Avenues in 2012, Maggie Wollner has been the head of grade eight and a middle grades science teacher, as well as teaching upper grades biology in 2014–2015. In fall 2015, she moved from middle to upper grades program, where she became a full-time science teacher and the STEAM cohort leader for grades 11 and 12. This fall, she will become an associate head of the Upper Division. More...

Erin Finn-Welch

This fall, we welcome Erin Finn-Welch back as a program coordinator for the High Intensity Practice (HIP) writing in the middle grades program. More...