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    • Lower Division Spanish immersion students learn about different Spanishspeaking countrieshellip
    • Kindergarteners in our Spanish immersion program perform songs and danceshellip

    Join Kelli Crosby, also knows as "Professor Gal Apagos," this summer for her Nature Maker camp. Engineer your own transportation fleet—boats and floats, all things airborne and rolling machines! bit.ly/2pNdST8 ... See MoreSee Less

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Grace Jackson

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China Content and Marketing Manager

For the second year in a row, the 4th grade chorus was off to give a special Lunar New Year performance for Chinese seniors at the Hudson Guild – a unique form of community engagement spearheaded by Lower Division music teacher Mimi Hsu.   More...

“Everything I do in China, whether it’s buying vegetables or telling jokes, is a form of cultural exchange,” Jesse Appell told Avenues students during his visit last November. Based in Beijing for the past four years, Jesse has forged a career as a cultural intermediary between China and America.   More...

Mimi Hsu has been teaching music to Early Learning Center and Lower School students at Avenues since the school opened in 2012. She teaches music through a particular pedagogical method, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, that centers on the relationship between music and movement.   More...

This video highlights the different kinds of learning that take place in the first three grades of the lower school: kindergarten, first and second. It traces the development of Chinese literacy, from the ability to identify characters by sight, to being able to write them, to being able to form paragraphs and read short storybooks with the help of pinyin.   More...

As someone who began learning Chinese at 22, I was excited to tour the Chinese immersion classrooms. What happens when you place a group of very young children into a foreign language environment and ask them to go on as usual? And how is their experience of learning Chinese different from mine?  More...