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    Join Kelli Crosby, also knows as "Professor Gal Apagos," this summer for her Nature Maker camp. Engineer your own transportation fleet—boats and floats, all things airborne and rolling machines! bit.ly/2pNdST8 ... See MoreSee Less

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Fanny Sosenke

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Upper Division Math Teacher, Avenues: The World School

In many households there is an imbalance between fostering reading and fostering math. The most important or successful way of fostering quantitative thinking at home is to permeate it in students’ daily lives.   More...

Writing math problems encourages meaningful communication of mathematics, promotes problem-solving skills, allows for differentiation in the classroom and slows down the thinking process. With this in mind, I showed recently the girls in the Girls Who Math club some examples of the type of problems Ms. Scully’s class of fourth graders were solving in math and we decided to write similar problems with a Valentine’s theme.   More...

What do you get when you have 16 middle grades girls in the same room? If you guessed gossip, meanness or superficial conversations you haven’t been in my classroom during the Girls Who Math after-school club! I established the club out of my concern regarding teenage girls’ attitudes towards math. Many girls in middle grades […]  More...