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    These middle grades students learned the ins and outs of the theater world and got to know some of the people behind the scenes of Broadway productions: bit.ly/2tplOJe
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    How can teachers prevent a student from thinking he or she is “just not a math person”? One math teacher discusses her efforts to reduce math anxiety in the classroom: bit.ly/2twKPSb
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Dorine Yang

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Associate Teacher in a Mandarin Chinese Section of the Nursery, Early Learning Center, Avenues: The World School

Over spring break, 18 middle grades students and four Avenues teachers hopped on a plane to China to live with homestay families in Guilin. The homestay experience encouraged true cross-cultural exchanges in which our students shared stories about their lives in the big American city of New York and their homestay families shared their experiences living in a small Chinese city.  More...

A growing interest in Chinese food led teachers to implement Chinese cooking into the Yellow/Huang Se nursery weekly schedule, and children were excited to cook and try these cultural dishes.   More...

To help children better understand the origins of their food, the Yellow nursery classroom has been engaging in a food study curriculum.  More...

We celebrate opportunities to teach students basic cooking skills and talk with them about making healthy eating choices. Therefore, one of our camp themes this year was “Culinary Adventures,” offering children in the Starfish nursery class an opportunity to explore food through cooking.  More...

Throughout the year, students in the Blue/LanSe nursery classrooms have been exploring growth and change in plant life. To help students learn even more about plants and how they grow and change, we took a field trip to the Battery Urban Farm.   More...

This summer, we welcomed our youngest campers to our signature language immersion camp in a new half-day nursery program for three-year-olds. The theme of the first camp session was urban gardening, which students explored by not only planting and maintaining their own urban garden, but also by learning target language vocabulary related to growing and planting and doing crafts that focused on insects and gardening.  More...

As the Early Learning Center prepared to celebrate the Lunar New Year, we decided to invite our class parents to join us and share a Chinese New Year tradition or craft with the students. We were lucky to have parents from agree to visit and share an age-appropriate, fun activity to help students better understand the significance of Chinese New Year and the traditions associated with it.   More...

During the past few days, we have been receiving bananas for snack. As much as the students in the Blue Birds and Whales nursery class love eating bananas, there were too many to eat. This led teachers and children to question what they wanted to do with all the extra bananas that were becoming too ripe to eat.   More...

The pre-K “Jellyfish” class of the summer Chinese immersion camp used our rooftop vegetable garden as a hands-on immersion vocabulary and language-learning experience.  More...